ActiveBatch® Gets The Job Scheduling Position At—Cutting Nightly Processing Time In Half

Release date: 10/7/2008

Application’s Event-Based Job Triggers Help the #1 Employment Resource for $100,000+ Earners Run Hundreds of Analytical Database Scripts Every Evening

MORRISTOWN, NJ – (October 7, 2008) – is something of a rising star in the online job search field.  Focused exclusively on positions paying at least $100,000/year, leads in this lucrative segment, attracting two million members.  At any given time, the firm hosts more than 70,000 job listings—many of them C-level, vice president, director and manager positions.  In fact, each evening the company processes hundreds of scripts that transfer production data from MySQL to various analytical databases.
“At one time we used SQL Server’s built-in scheduler to execute the scripts.  Doing so, however, required us to make educated guesses as to how much run time to allot for each job,” said David Cohen, manager of business intelligence for  “We realized an event-based job scheduler would eliminate this issue.”
After conducting a “job search” of his own, Cohen decided that ActiveBatch®, from Advanced Systems Concepts, was the best choice.  ActiveBatch is the industry’s leading enterprise job scheduling application for Windows, UNIX, Linux and/or OpenVMS computing environments.  Proven in over 1,000 installs, at enterprises ranging from SMBs to Fortune 100 companies, ActiveBatch allows jobs and job plans to be triggered by virtually any kind of event—from file creation and modification to deletion, system startup, runaway processes, or thousands of other actions.
 “At first we thought ActiveBatch was a little bit of an overkill,” Cohen recalled.  “Once we understood its capabilities, however, we realized just how soon and fully we could put it to work.”’s technology environment is growing quickly.  The company’s primary analytic SQL server is in the process of being replaced by two 32-core servers; a cluster of application servers completes the platform.  “As the number of scripts have grown, so has the system’s complexity.  ActiveBatch easily handles the multiple execution paths involved in our analytical database processing,” Cohen said.
In addition to ActiveBatch’s event-based automation, Cohen points to the application’s reporting capabilities as being a plus.  “Now we have complete visibility through our nightly reports,” he notes.  “ActiveBatch even reports on itself—we can create custom queries on how long specific jobs take, for example, and ActiveBatch provides the information.  Having centralized logging and reporting is a huge benefit for a production environment.  Now we can log into ActiveBatch’s Web server, right click, and see all the applicable logs.”
No sooner did Cohen install ActiveBatch, than the company’s processing efficiency took a huge leap.  “ActiveBatch sped up our nightly processing by 50%.  We knew that having event triggers would make us more productive, but that was pretty unexpected.”
ActiveBatch has been so good at its tasks, in fact, that Cohen is expending its job description.  “We’re currently in the middle of moving to a larger virtualized production environment comprised of physical and virtual machines,” he states.  “ActiveBatch’s scalability and support for heterogeneous processing will make it the perfect job scheduler choice.”

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