ActiveBatch® Job Scheduler Keeps The Hits Coming For World’s Leading Mobile Music Service

Release date: 4/22/2008

Groove Mobile (Now LiveWire Mobile) Finds ActiveBatch Can Match Demanding Tempo Of Global Music Marketplace; Over 60 Systems Now Managed, with Dozens More On the Way

BEDFORD, MA – (April 22, 2008) – Whether it’s U2 in the UK, Barenaked Ladies in Brooklyn, or The Hives in The Hague, whenever and wherever music is experienced on a mobile phone, there’s a good chance Groove Mobile (now LiveWire Mobile) is part of the process.  Until its recent purchase by LiveWire Mobile, a subsidiary of NMS Communications Corporation, Groove Mobile was the world’s leading mobile music service.  The company now enables LiveWire Mobile to power music downloads, peer-to-peer sharing, streaming radio, music subscriptions and more to millions of cell phone owners all over the planet.
Following its evolution from a music encoding company in 2003, Groove Mobile quickly became the driving technology behind the Orange Music Player, Great Britain’s #1 rated mobile music service, as well as America’s Sprint Music Store and many other services.  Its growing millions of subscribers continue to place heavy demands on the infrastructure at LiveWire Mobile’s production facility in downtown Boston, especially the many servers that both hold and disseminate thousands and thousands of songs in the LiveWire Mobile catalog.
“Because most of our servers run Linux, we originally used Cron to schedule our music updates as well as various test and backup routines,” said Patrick Hetherton, Director of Network Operations for LiveWire Mobile.  “As time went on, however, we found Cron to be insufficient for our needs.  Its lack of a graphical interface made scheduling difficult, and we were experiencing an increasing number of errors.”
To keep pace with its expanding business, LiveWire Mobile needed to find a faster, more efficient way to schedule its many processing tasks.  Hetherton and his team talked with contacts at other companies and did an extensive Web search to find the best job schedulers on the market.  One name that came up repeatedly was ActiveBatch.
“We have a small staff, so it was critical that our choice be both robust and easy to use,” Hetherton noted.  “Our evaluations made it clear that ActiveBatch had the best combination of functionality, affordability, and ease of use.  In the end, it wasn’t really a tough decision.”
Strategic Asset
ActiveBatch, from Parsippany, New Jersey-based Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc., is a highly advanced enterprise job scheduling application for Windows, UNIX, Linux and OpenVMS platforms. Unlike some job schedulers, ActiveBatch is an “intelligent automation” solution that adds strategic business value to what would otherwise be routine back-office data processing.  Used at over 1,000 companies worldwide, ActiveBatch delivers both efficiency and bottom-line benefits to a company’s job scheduling tasks.
Once LiveWire Mobile selected ActiveBatch, Hetherton was impressed with how easily his staff was able to integrate the application.  “It was very intuitive.  There was virtually no learning curve,” he recalled.  “We were able to cut and paste scripts directly into the new interface.  Every script fit in—there were no rewrites at all,” Hetherton added, noting that the company waived the training that was offered because the staff “saw no need”.
While the majority of LiveWire Mobile’s servers run on Linux, a small percentage are Windows boxes.  Hetherton noted that these servers, which apply digital rights management to music files, are part of the update process.  “ActiveBatch’s ability to manage both Windows and Linux jobs, all from a single user interface, saves us an enormous amount of work,” he said.
Ease of Use is #1
Perhaps the best aspect of ActiveBatch, however, in the opinion of LiveWire Mobile’s technical team, is its ease of use.  “Everyone in our department is comfortable adding to or editing job queues.  The central console is very easy to work with, and enables us to see and monitor everything from one location,” said Hetherton.
With nearly 60 systems managed by ActiveBatch and another 20 to 30 soon to be added, LiveWire Mobile has no concerns about the application’s ability to manage the company’s most mission-critical processing tasks.  Heatherton notes that the number of jobs have tripled since ActiveBatch was installed, with no degradation in efficiency or performance, and says the company has been able to forego adding an entry-level system administrator as a result. Concluded Hetherton, “If all the technology in our company worked this well, I’d be out of a job.”
About LiveWire Mobile
LiveWire Mobile, a subsidiary of NMS Communications Corporation, is a global provider of managed personalization services for mobile operators. Our integrated suite of music and video services includes ringback tones, ringtones and full track downloads, as well as dedicated content and service marketing. LiveWire Mobile makes mobile personalization services easier to use and helps operators drive service usage and adoption. 

About Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc.
Headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. offers many software products and options for users of Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, and HP OpenVMS systems. These products provide answers to software developers and system managers with improved system efficiency and utilization. Advanced Systems Concepts today has over 200,000 licenses installed and a worldwide base of customers in 32 countries around the world. Advanced Systems Concepts is a Microsoft Independent Solution Vendor, a HP Software Gold Business Partner, an HP-UX Power Partner a Sun Catalyst member, an IBM Business Partner and a Red Hat Ready Partner. For more information, see the company’s website at or call 1 973-539-2660.

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